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Pipe Smoking Just Got Cool Again

Joyce pipes

Pipe Smoking Just Got Cool Again




Cigar + Pipe = stud

The Joyce Cigar Pipe is a cigar-shaped pipe that allows you to enjoy your favorite pipe tobaccos while looking like a stud, not a grandpa. 

Pack it like a pipe. Smoke it like a cigar. Enjoy the best of both worlds.



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Smoke Cool


A series of chambers inside each Joyce Cigar Pipe force the smoke to expand, cool, and lose moisture before it reaches your mouth. Flavor is maximized. Bitterness and tongue bite disappear. You're enjoying the best smoke of your life. 


The Aviator

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Smoke the best

Each Joyce Cigar Pipe is a work of art crafted from the finest materials available. The partially-petrified Bog Oak dates back to the Bronze Age. The Italian briar has been drying for decades. Unique woods and gemstones are sourced from around the globe for the colorful rings. With a Joyce Cigar Pipe you're not just smoking tobacco, you're appreciating the best this world has to offer. 


The STogie

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Smoke Proud

Proudly pull out your Joyce Cigar Pipe when the fellas get together for a smoke. 

No one will be calling you Old Man. They’ll be asking where they can get their cigar pipe.

Congratulations, you started a trend.


The Torpedo

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The Joyce Cigar Pipes are visually stunning in every way imaginable. But equally important, if not more, they are one of the coolest and driest smoking pipes I have ever had the pleasure of smoking.
— Dominic Aradio (New York, NY)
Got my pipe today. An absolute triumph! Had my doubts, but it’s simply exquisite in both craftsmanship and quality of smoke. Must have for any pipe enthusiast!
— Elliott Mann, Italy
I enjoy it more than smoking cigars or pipes. Somehow the Joyce Cigar Pipe is better than either one!
— Ryan Norton (Bend, OR)
Ben’s customer service is top notch, he’s there to answer any questions you may have about his product or how to fully enjoy it. He pointed me towards different tobaccos and packing methods, this was much appreciated since I’m new to the tobacco pipe world. Thanks Ben for a great product and outstanding customer service.
— Curtis Muraoka (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
The Joyce Cigar Pipe is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and art. It also smokes cool, stays cool to the touch, and is easy to load, light and tamp. If your thinking about buying one, don’t wait, pull the trigger. You won’t be disappointed!
— Ryan Fleming
I’m lucky enough to say I own a Joyce cigar pipe. I had two concerns regarding the design before buying: Will it be difficult to maintain lit and will the ash fall because of the horizontal design? I took the gamble and purchased a beautiful “shape” and my concerns quickly vanished. The smoke cool, stayed lit for approx. 30min during my poker game and as long as i kept tamping the ash went no where. Overall, the craftsmanship and design is flawless and the smoke is perfect.
— Javier Franco
Joyce Pipes makes beautifully crafted works of art. They’re gorgeous and they’re well made. Ben is creating a brand new experience for pipe and cigar smokers. I couldn’t be more excited to have found out about it at its genesis.
— Nick Laparra (Nashville, TN)
My Joyce Cigar Pipe lets me enjoy all the pleasures of smoking a cigar but it has the convenience and cost effectiveness of a pipe. Plus my wife likes the aroma much more than a cigar!
— Michael Thompson (Bend, OR)
Sitting by the fire with friends, a glass of port in one hand, Joyce cigar pipe in the other... it doesn’t get much better than that! Ben is a craftsman in every respect, and it shows in his cigar pipes. The feel-in-hand, the woods selected, the finish— it all comes together for a smoking experience you’ll never forget.
— Chris Thomas (Tacoma, WA)
The Joyce Cigar Pipe smokes as smooth and cool as it looks. It is the perfect blend of function and elegance. It is the best smoking pipe in my collection.
— P. Hoffman, Portland OR


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